Branding & Logo Design

Like dating, first impressions count. Sorry, they just do. If you arrive looking sleazy, your date will soon be saying ‘it’s not you, it’s me.’ And you know that’s not the truth!

So what does your first impression say about you? Do you look a bit… well, cheap? A bit bargain bin? Or maybe you look too exclusive, a bit ‘la-di-da’ for the likes of them?

Branding is your first impression. And it goes way beyond your logo. It’s your business personality. And this personality is communicated through all your marketing activities. It needs to be consistent.

Your brand is your business name, logo, Instagram feed, foyer design, and the how you engage. It’s the “feel” of your business. It communicates your value and gives people a reason to pick you over everyone else.


How do you know when it’s time to rebrand?

You know that outfit you wore at your mate’s birthday many moons ago? The one you wouldn’t dare wear now? When your brand starts feeling “icky” it’s probably time to change it up.

Think about it like the first date. You want to dress to impress.

At Ignite Communications, we have a group of clever creatives who thrive on coming up with brand concepts that make a statement. We love wowing businesses by refreshing their look and showing off what they’ve worked so hard to create.

Time for a new look? We’ll sort you out.