Design & Print

If your ideal customer reads the paper, we’ll put you in the paper. If your client drives to work every morning and research suggests they’ll take notice of billboards – billboards it is.

Wherever your target market hangs out, guess where we’ll be? (Well, we won’t actually BE there because that would be a bit creepy but you know what we mean!)

Digital marketing has changed the game massively, but print media still holds a place. We like to think of print and digital as ingredients in a yummy soup – every spice and vegetable plays a part!


benefits of print media

  • Print is still effective. 79% of consumers will immediately act on direct mail compared to only 45% who act on email marketing

  • Targeted direct mail has a 4.4% response rate, compared to email’s rate of 0.12%

  • Print is noticeable. The internet is overwhelming. There’s so many emails, newsfeeds and pop-ups. But when a beautifully designed flyer hits your mailbox, you tend to stop and take notice.

  • Print is tangible. Sure, digital media has become all encompassing, but we find more meaning in tangible items. Just think of the pleasure of holding a book versus a kindle. Call us old school, but ads you can touch or see just seem more real.

  • Print lasts. One click of a mouse and an internet ad is gone. But business cards, brochures and product books stick around.

Our services:

  • Brochures

  • Direct mail

  • Business cards

  • Product sheets

  • Capability Statements

  • Newspaper/magazine ads

  • Flyers

  • Billboards


At Ignite Communications, we create content daily. We know what will suit your business and reach your target market. We have incredible graphic designers who know how to design for that coveted double-take.

What about the actual printing? We’ll organise that for you too!


Want to know more about how print advertising will reach your ideal customer? Drop us a line.