To be able to reach your audience, you need to speak to them directly. You need to speak their language and their lingo. Yep, you might even have to say “wassssuppp!” (for your sake, we hope not!)

Whether you’re looking for the whole shebang – ­site set-up, web design, graphics and copy – or just the content, we have copywriters who can help. And we believe these gals (or guys) are the secret sauce to online marketing.

When it comes to online marketing, Perth businesses need a holistic approach. Every part of your communication strategy counts.

So we take content seriously. Very seriously! And not just by posting pretty pictures on social media.
We believe every marketing strategy needs copy, compelling copy.


what is good copy?

Good copy is…

  • Audience-specific – who are you speaking to? Are you speaking directly to your target market? Is your copy inclusive, or is it excluding the very people you want to attract? Good copy speaks to a specific audience, your audience.

  • Reflective of your brand personality – you might have a bangin’ logo and a brand spankin’ website, but all that will fall flat if your copy doesn't reflect your brand. Think of it like people’s personalities, everyone has their own way of talking, it’s the same for brands.

  • Channeling a specific tone of voice - your copy should have a tone that resonates with your target market. For example, if you’re trying to appeal to people in their 20s, you’re not going to want to sound like an old man. Tone is everything.

  • Consistent – there’s no point sounding cool as a cucumber on your website, but then your socials still sound stuffy. You want to be consistent across all platforms. This is where a style guide comes in, a guide to help you write in the same tone across all marketing collateral.

  • SEO-optimised: want to come up first on Google? Keywords are integral to improving your Google ranking. Copywriters can write copy with SEO in mind.


What we offer:

  • Engaging web copy inc. landing pages, bios, About pages

  • Thoughtful blog posts

  • SEO-optimised copy

  • Google keyword search

  • Brochures

  • Content audits

  • Feature articles

  • EDMs (email direct marketing)

  • Profiles

Our in-house wordsmiths will encapsulate what you have in mind but can’t explain.
They’ll weave magic with words to persuade your audience to choose you and only you.

Finding your words is an important part of online marketing. Perth people, get in touch.