Strategy & Planning

When you’re busy working your butt off to sustain a business, taking a step back and focusing on the bigger picture gets pushed down the to-do list – along with organising that top desk drawer and hanging those pictures on the wall. Seriously, does it ever end?

But unlike those jobs you save for ‘when I suddenly feel like a superhero’, a Perth marketing strategy is kind of important, like paying-your-mortgage important. To be a successful business you need to be moving forward. But how?

Good planning. It’s as simple as that. Learning from the past and doing better in the future. But we don’t expect you to do the planning - We can help.


Strategy Session

It all starts with a two-hour strategy session (and coffee, of course) with key stakeholders to discuss your business’s past and future.

Perth Marketing and Communications Plan

Planning. We love it. But we don’t expect you to. We provide you with a clear and simple outline for the year. It will be flexible (we may tweak it along the way) but it will give your business a new direction with achievable goals.

After we have your direction mapped out, we look at the marketing and media channels that will achieve your goals.

The plan covers:

  • Brand strategy

  • Website strategy

  • Search engine marketing/search engine optimisation

  • Email marketing and database management

  • Online advertising and other digital marketing activities

  • Above the line media (traditional forms of advertising)

  • Social media

  • Content marketing

  • Budget


This is where we hand over the keys and let you drive, OR you give them back and we keep driving.

Enter Virtual Marketing Manager.


Virtual Marketing Manager – Perth-based

If you’re willing to let go of the steering wheel, our Virtual Marketing Manager package is your best bet.

We get to know your business and work to achieve all your marketing goals.

Think of it like a gym membership for your business. We become part of your team (without the super, leave and other HR headaches). You’ll have time to do other things like… go to the gym or, actually, skip the gym and go out to lunch – we all want a sneaky 2-hour lunch break, right?

Accent 1B.png

This is what you can expect as part of our ongoing relationship:

  • Strategic planning – full 12-month marketing plan and budget

  • Media planning – buying media e.g. radio, TV, press, print on your behalf

  • Brand management – ensuring your brand is always seen in a positive and consistent way across all channels

  • Website strategy and management – updating and managing your website, as well as the overall strategy

  • Email marketing strategy and management – content creation, testing and sending, as well as implementing methods of growing the database

  • Content marketing strategy and implementation – management of consistent messaging across all platforms whether it be PR, social media, website content, print material, etc.

  • Social media advertising management – design and management of cost-per-click advertising throughout the Facebook and Instagram advertising platforms

  • Brand advocate strategy – managing the customer review process

  • Monthly reporting – analytics and reporting across all your marketing channels from reach, right through to conversion

  • Monthly meeting